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How to choose a dog bed

Dogs regularly lay down anywhere settling in a spot all through your house, including your bed. If you love to have a pet in your home then its important to provide its own space for resting, sleeping all the day or at night. The decisions for dog beds can appear to be endless beacause it can play on it, it can be overwhelming when you try to pick one out.

Watch when your dog sleep

Considering your dog’s sleeping position and style as it is an essential part while choosing the bed. If the dog stretch the total body when sleeping then consider choosing a wide size bed. If the dog likes to sleep in a cuddling position, then a small bed can be choosen. Its also important to check the condition, whether it tends to be cold or hot while sleeping.

Keep a look on your dogs interest, if it love to chew the things then consider bringing a normal bed rather than with extra features like heating or cooling. After seeing how your dog treats the bed, then go on with extra features.


How to know the bed size

It should be sufficiently enough for them to lie comfortably in all positions. To know the size of the bed you can measure the length of the dog from top to bottom. You can measure the dog while sleeping. Make sure your dog is stretched well so you can measure the length from head to toe. And then you can add up some more inches to the actual size to select a bed for your doggy.

If you have a small puppy and buying a seperate bed to him which is not affordable, then you can create your own bed by layering a couple of soft blankets one upon the other and make a bed for your puppy as it can feel secure.

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