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Some reasons why your dog hates you

Unintentionally, we perform couple of things that may anger our puppies or confuse them. Our activities sometimes might send the wrong signals to them. Thinking on the wrong ways that you behave with your puppy it may not focus on you to create a deep rooted bond with you.

Implementing different rules to dog's same behaviour

As far as possible its important to set limits and rules to your dog. But, what's increasingly critical is to hold fast to them. Dogs like a set examples of do's and dont's, in straightforward words a common and routine timetable all day every day. Mostly the dog owner adheres to specific behaviour of the dog to a specific moment and after that demands the dog to create similar move some other time. This confuses the pet as well as impacts some stress feelings and confusion. For example, The dog wants to taste the food which you have in you meal. But you provide it a morsel, the next day your friend visit your home for the lunch. At the same time your dog looks at your meal pleasingly to have a bit of food of your's, but you command the dog not providing your food and you treat it as a optional. Its a big mistake that you does with your dog.

Expecting your dog to behave like a human being

As humans are mannered with some inbuilt qualities and activities by the birth. Dogs are also born with their activities and behavior. Usually dogs love their activites like chewing chappals or furniture, scratch your carpet, burrow your grass, bark loudly, sniff around etc., and these comes by nature. It only does what the nature has given them by birth. It does not understand what the human does and how to be like a human. This is the best time to you to train your dog how to behave as it doesn't know how much lose it created for you. Donot punish them for thier undesirable behaviors.

Disturbing dog’s while sleeping

In the process that you ever need to awaken your dog from its profound sleep, go silently and wake up with the action. Softly touch or speak with the dog to awaken. While you awakening, it gets shock because of the sudden touch. Dogs get awakend immediately by hearing the footsteps or any louder sound. For the dogs who get older and loosing its hearing sensation slowly or week due to other reasons get more scared when wakened unexpectedly. The best way to wake up your dog is to allow them to wake up by its own.

Hugging your Dog tightly

Generally people hug each other to express their affection, love, warmth towards each other. But its quiet different when coming to dogs world. Dogs consider hugs as effort of occupying their privacy. A dog shows their love by putting its paw onto back of another dog. Sometimes a pet dog may tolerate the human hug of a particular person not the every one in the whole family. They get afraid to the unknowing person. It is best to keep an eye out for signs that spell out discomfort with regards to dogs and hugs. Getting away from an eye to eye connection, attempting to move away, bowing its face the other way as yours, keeping its mouth fixed or licking its lips and pulling its ears in reverse are characteristic of a nervous body language of dog. If you notice any kind of these reactions, be sure your dog is feeling discomfort on hugging.

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